Our Vision of the World:

Artists, entrepreneurs, and other members of the creative class are able to successfully leverage real estate to capitalize on the value they bring to the world. The spaces in which these people choose to Live and Work reflect and support the movement toward a more progressive, conscious, sustainable world.

What We’re Here to Do (Mission):

Through innovative approaches to buying, selling, and investing in real estate, LiveWork Denver matches creative people with the spaces that help them become the fullest expressions of who they truly are.

Our Core Beliefs

Artists and entrepreneurs are powerful financial drivers of our economy and deserve to reap the benefits of their contributions. We are shifting the archetype of “The Starving Artist” to one of “The Thriving Artist.”
Our physical spaces, where we Live and Work, are integrally tied to our individual self‐identity. We all deserve to be in spaces which support us well. Aesthetics, good design, and functionality are imperative.
We are committed to a lifestyle that embraces respect for Planet Earth, respect for one another, and a high degree of creativity, independence, and free‐thinking.
Locally‐based and community‐centric economies are the way to a healthier and, more sustainable future. We can no longer plead ignorance to the future implications of our current actions; we must take
responsibility for ourselves and the ecology of our planet today.
Generosity is tantamount to success. We have an obligation to share our resources and to give back to the communities in which we Live and Work.
At the culmination of a business transaction, every party should feel as though they’ve won. Kindness, compassion, and cooperation are non‐negotiable. Business and humanity should not and cannot be separated.
Optimism and joy are requisite. We like to say “yes” and then have a good time discovering ingenious ways to get things done. Our clients are enlivened and empowered by working with us and participating in the community we create.