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Last night I watched a Tony Robbins’ interview with Eben Pagan, Internet marketing wiz kid. I say “kid” because he’s only 38 and yet he’s generated millions from internet marketing of his products. His products? He started with a “how to” on dating and is now into business development, how to hire the best employees, mastermind materials and all manner of improvement e-books. The product isn’t what caught my attention. What snagged me came at the end of the interview and upon hearing it all that came before slammed into place.

Eben operates from a true abundance mentality. He talks about the 80/20 rule. Traditionally this concept addresses the notion that 80% of one’s income comes from 20% of one’s activities. Pagan’s use is radically different. Having coined the concept of “moving the free-line”, Pagan promotes the idea that by giving away for free the value that I have to offer, I still retain that value and now another person has what I gave them AND I receive more in return. For instance: I have a lit candle, which I use to light your candle. My candle is still lit and now yours is lit AND there is MORE light because 2 candles are burning. Make sense?

So how does this translate into generating Wealth? The trick is to break out of the “scarcity mindset” (there’s a finite amount of money in the world and I’m going to get my share) and re-focusing attention on creating and then providing value. Once you are providing genuine value the money will follow. How do we know what’s of value? Look for a “yes” answer to the following 3 questions:
1) Does what I’m offering alleviate a pain my target client is experiencing?
2) Is my target client actively looking to alleviate that pain?
3) Does my target client have few or zero perceived options for alleviating that pain?
If you get 3 “yes” answers then you have a product that will sell itself.

How do I come up with a product/service that provides real value? Pagan’s answer: “Seek first to understand”. Talk to your client/people in your target market and find out where their pain points are. Dive deep in the conversation with an authentic intention to discover what their needs are. Once you know what they are in search of and cannot find then you insight into what you can create/offer as a product/service.

So what is “The New Wealth” and how is it created? New wealth is money made from a product or service that provides real value and the money is generated by the principal of – when I give it away I still have it and now you have it and I’ve gained from the act of giving. The key: SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND!

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