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Daniel Hickman &
An International Biz from Home
 One of the trends I see happening these days as a happy result of the rise of the Creative is highly personalized design as a means of self-expression and personal branding.  Daniel Hickman’s company,, is a perfect example of how this trend is proliferating.  Frydaze offers an affordable way to customize your phone, tablet & laptop covers to express your personality.  Located here in Denver, Daniel’s operation covers all of North and South America.
LA: So Daniel, tell me more about Frydaze.

DANIEL: Frydaze believes that with today’s modern way of living, there is a need to feed the individual by adding that extra layer of personality and visualization to bring you, your band, your brand, your product or your team to that crucial frontier of personalization. has 140 different device cover models, you upload your photos and we create a custom case.

LA: And how did you get into this business?

DANIEL: Previously, my partners & I owned the sales & distribution rights for Skull Candy throughout the European Union.  When Skull Candy decided to go public we sold those rights back to them.  I’m not old enough, rich enough or lazy enough to quit working so we started Frydaze.  Corporate Headquarters are inOslo, Norway and we’ve got a factory in Shenzhen, China that does our manufacturing.

LA: How do people find you online?  How are you expanding the business?

DANIEL:  We are developing strategic partnerships with retailers like & Radio Shack to offer gift cards and we are in the process of launching a site for  The site will look like a Staples site but the customer will be doing business with us.  We’ll handle shipping, customer service, and distribution.  This is a great solution for retailers because they can offer a huge range of products without having to maintaining large inventories.

LA: What keeps you excited about your business?

DANIEL:  I’m really excited to be working with musicians like BLKHRTS, a local band who recently signed with Federal Prism Records a subsidiary ofWarner Brothers Records.  We are doing all their merchandising to sell at their concerts & a special gift card for their fans.  We are also looking at developing a program to work with schools & sports teams offer our products as a fundraising tool.

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