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Real Estate From The Mat

Through the practice of yoga I’ve become keenly aware of the incredible power of Intention.  Consciously setting intentions at the beginning of any endeavor can make the achievement of whatever the goal easier and the process smoother.

For example, the simple posture of forward fold – for those unfamiliar, this is exactly what it sounds like; from a standing position bend forward at the waist and try to touch your forehead to the tops of your feet.  The achievement of actually touching your forehead to the tops of your feet is impossible but intending to do so is attainable for everyone. And by holding the intention of the goal each person gains the maximum benefit from the pose no matter how close or far their head is from their feet.  The benefit is gained in the intention, not in the attainment of the goal.

At LiveWork Denver we believe this is the age of the Creative Thinker, Maker and Doer.  Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives of all types lead and inspire, greatly enriching and expanding our world through infinite expression of innovative ideas.  They evolve paradigms and push us to find new edges, explore possibilities, and embrace novel concepts, products, and diverse thinking. Such visionaries deserve to benefit from the measurable wealth they generate in our economy. Investment and ownership in real property is a powerful way for them to achieve this reality.  

This is our intention! At LiveWork Denver we are intent on helping you achieve the highest expression of your vision and goals as Creatives, Businesses and Home Owners.