``What’s your intention for 2016?``


In my continuous effort to be a better me one of the things I’ve found helpful is setting an annual intention.  This typically takes the form of a guiding statement through which decisions and actions are considered and taken or not taken.  For instance in 2013 my intention was: “Simplify, Streamline, Systematize”.  That year I spent concentrated time focusing on the processes in my life and business and how they could be made easier and more functional. The results were a new less expensive CRM system, easier communication with my staff, clients and fellow professionals and a more organized approach to orchestrating home life.

This year my intention is

“Give Voice to my Heart”

Where this will take me and how it will manifest is yet to be revealed but early indications are I’ll be living more authentically and stay closer to what really energizes me in my art, my business and my life.  2016 marks my tenth year helping Creatives and Entrepreneurs buy, sell and invest in real estate as a means of achieving financial freedom.  For fun I’d like to share some great numbers news:

Our fine city was recently named by Zillow as the #1 hottest real estate market in the country. We are enjoying 3.2% unemployment. Last year, 2015 racked up a whopping 11.7% property appreciation (ie. if you bought a home for $200K in 2014, at the end of last year it was worth $223,400). Economic analytic company, Clear Capital, is predicting Denver will have a 7.7% appreciation rate for 2016.  This is all amazing news and prompted me to randomly pull appreciation data on 30 of our past clients to see how our clients’ properties performed.  Those 30 clients saw a total of $3.5M in appreciation on their property values.  That’s over $100,000 in additional wealth in the pockets of artists and business owners like you!  And that has my heart signing a very happy tune.

We at LiveWork Denver are passionately, heart-centered and committed to your success in art, in business and in life.  If you’re curious about real estate give us a call.  If you’d like to connect with other Creative Entrepreneurs check out our networking events at Denver Creative Network or on MeetUp.  If you are looking for someone or something specific let us know.  We are here to joyfully serve you in the ways you find most valuable.

What’s your annual intention for 2016?  Don’t have one? – give it a think, then post your intention at the bottom of this page or visit our LiveWork Denver Facebook page and share it with the group there.  Take a look at the intentions of others who share and see if there are ways you can support each other in your endeavors.  Please keep us in the loop on your progress.  We promise to do the same.

Wishing you all a very Sweet ’16,


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