And $1330 in monthly passive income in just 3 short years.

I first met Matt 3 years ago in one of our favorite watering holes, Herb’s at 22nd & Larimer. At the time he was drumming in a band, and he & his wife were expecting their first child. He shared his goal of wanting to invest in real estate. Since then Matt has done 9 deals and now owns 4 homes with over $15O,000 in equity and monthly cash flow of $1330 over & above expenses. Over the next few days I’m going to be sharing Matt’s success story of how he went from that modest start to increasing his holdings by more than six fold and creating a revenue stream that allows him greater freedom with his music, more quality time with his family and an improved vision of what is possible for his financial future.

Matt begins his story by sharing, “There was a kind of ‘perfect storm’ of happenings that lit a fire under me to do something. I looked at the other guys in the band and realized that, though they were older than me & had been making a living with their music, not one of them had any financial security. With our first child on the way I knew if my story was going to be different I had to do something. Back in college I saw a late-night commercial with Carlton Sheets – you know the no money-down real estate investing stuff? So the real estate bug had been swimming around in my head since then. And when I met you & Thriving Artist Alliance. I knew it was time to take the leap toward creating a better financial future for my family.

“I had read Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” so I knew the difference between being “broke” & being “poor”. Poor is a mindset that is difficult to change. Broke just means you don’t have any money. That you CAN change.

“My wife & I had managed to save $23,000 so that’s what we started with. The original plan was to do fix-n-flips to build up enough cash to buy a rental property outright and then repeat the cycle again & again fining & flipping, until we’d built a portfolio of 10 rental properties that would cash flow $300/mo each giving us $3000/mo in passive income.”

Having been with Matt every step of the way I can tell you his journey wasn’t perfectly smooth. He faced more than his fair share of challenges & unexpected obstacles. What has made Matt successful, as a real estate investor, is his steadfast commitment to his long-term goal and his willingness to learn from his mistakes.

Intrigued or want more information? Give me a call: 303-726-1051

Stay tuned for more of Matt’s story in the coming days.

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