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With well over half a million users around the globe,TripleJack Poker, has kept Scott Balay flush for the past 8 years.  In short – THIS GAME IS A BLAST! TripleJack is a free online poker game community with a fun & casual atmosphere & plenty of “silly” that keeps play social & interactive.  Scott & I met at a Makers & Doers Mixer and I couldn’t’t wait to learn more about the process & life of a game designer.
LA: How’d you get into game & app design? How was TripleJack born?SCOTT: I have a computer science degree which is helpful but really I’m self-taught. I started as a hobby & things evolved from there.  TripleJack was an experiment at first. Some office mates & I started playing poker at the end of the work day .  I realized I could create the game on line and then test it out on this small user group.  Friends told friends, people stumbled on it via google and it began growing organically.  I now have players in UK, USA, Australia, Hungary, over half my users are from the Philippines.

LA: How has the game evolved over the years?

SCOTT:Initially I was surprised at how social it was.  I discovered that when you put something on the Internet for free people begin to interact with it and things go in a direction you never imagined.  When dealing with interactive site & multiple users you can learn a lot from just watching people play.  I can see what they’re saying and get ideas on what to tweak and change.  Its really true about the “users drive the development”.  It went from people meeting to play, to serious relationships.  There’ve been a couple of marriages and I went to a TripleJack conference in the Philippines once and met a TripleJack baby!!

LA: That’s crazy fun!  Did they name you Godfather?  So how does one get started playing?

SCOTT: Its not a gambling game so no real money is needed.  Just go to the site & create an account. From there you’ll see different rooms, types of poker games and different stakes.  I’ve set no specific terms on how you win.  Players determine the type of poker game & the specific terms on how you win. Some play with most chips win, others base winning on the number of friends, others on badges.  The individual players decide how to play and what they want out of it.  You can also just watch a game.  There’s chat & private message features. We do “give aways”. And I’ve added things to keep people occupied while they wait; like throwing pies at the other players.

LA: So what’s next?

SCOTT:  I’ve got all kinds of ideas but the biggie is the iPhone version.  People will be able to download from the app store.

LA: Very cool indeed! Thanks Scott.

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