2013 was an astonishing year!  The TAA, Live/Work Denver team and I –
– sold over $7.3M of real estate!
– helped 8 creatives relocate to Denver;
– assisted half a dozen clients protest their property tax bill;
– put a total of $350,000 in instant or appreciation-equity into the pockets of clients who chose to sell and buy a bigger home or invest in real estate;
– saw 2 clients tie the knot and 4 new babies come into the world;
– published interviewes of 20 Denver-area creatives in the bi-monthly newsletter;
– wrote a book designed to help creatives and entrepreneurs buy, sell and invest in real estate;
– hosted 12 Thriving Artist Potluck dinners spawning various partnerships and projects;
– built new partnerships with Kindness Yoga and Justin Carusso, a commercial real estate expert;

– and the cherry on top! The groundwork is being laid for our first live/work town home development.

This time of year always brings the opportunity for reflection on the past and envisioning the future.  Sometimes the most subtle shifts bring about the most profound changes.  As a long time yoga enthusiast the concept of yoga as a “practice” has taught me many things – both on and off the mat. The dictionary says practice is “repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency”.  For me, “practice” means there’s always room for growth & improvement.  It reminds me there will be days or moments when everything flows smoothly, other days/moments when my balance is a bit off or it feels as if a wrench has been tossed into the works, and oh so many days when the unexpected happens. Practice for me is getting up each day with a renewed commitment to the family, friends, clients and colleagues I love and serve.

In yoga, the mat is a metaphor for life.  When I hold an “uncomfortable” pose on the mat I am reminded that I have the strength to calmly be in an uncomfortable situation in life until a satisfactory resolution is found.  Seeing events through the lense of “life is a practice” helps me gracefully accomidate the ups, downs, ins, outs and curves of the real estate business as a whole and the enevitable, unexpected twists and turns of the many dozens of individual transactions my team and I guide our clients through each year.
So from this point forward I intend to operate Thriving Artist Alliance and Live/Work Denver as a Real Estate Practice.  Attorneys “practice” law. Doctors “practice” medicine.  I practice real estate.
They say “Practice makes perfect.”  But in an ever changing field such as real estate (medicine or law) there are too many evolving parts: on the macro level; federal/state/local rules & regs, the ever shifting market, lending & finance; and at the level of individual transactions there are the 40+ people it takes to get a deal from contract to close, there is a different property (or two or three) each time… The list of moving parts is seemingly endless.  Perfection is simply not possible.  But a continued practice to improve, learn and evolve is possible.
So what does this mean for you, my clients, friends and family? In order to better serve you, I’m committing to a daily practice of:
– continued education – staying up on the latest changes in the industry, market and with technology
– quality interaction, communication and service
– meaningful partnerships with other professionals dedicated to fulfilling your real estate, finance and investing needs
– priority focus on helping you achieve your needs, wants and dreams
The gratitude wells up inside me spilling out in joyful tears of thanks for the kindness, trust and feeling of deep connection you give me.  I look forward to practicing with you on and off the mat in 2014.
Wishing you and your family a fantastic holiday season,

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