So many artists grapple with the question of how to generate income, either directly from their art or through passive income streams. Many have resigned themselves to the “starving artist” mentality, simply assuming that to be serious about their art means they will struggle financially. For years as the head of LiveWork Denver and the Thriving Artists Alliance, Laura Cowperthwaite has focused her energy on helping artists and creatives find ways to break out of the starving artist archetype and begin to thrive. During this eye-opening conversation, Laura shares some key insights into how artists can change their relationship to money and begin generating passive income streams, thereby freeing up more of their time and energy to create!

If you have ever struggled financially as an artist (which describes probably most of us at one time or another), this is not an episode you want to miss. Feel free to stream the podcast live below, or click the link to go directly to Soundcloud, where you can download the podcast to listen offline. If you like what you hear, please share it with your friends–particularly with other artists who need to hear what Laura has to share. Many thanks to Laura Cowperthwaite for a wonderful discussion!

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