Community is a LiveWork Denver guiding principle

We love working with like-minded partners and connect our clients only to resources who share our core values.

We also frequently host and cross-promote community events who are aligned with those values.

Our Community in Real Life:

Meet Dave

Dave, a brilliant visual artist, wanted to use an unexpected inheritance to buy a space where he could both live and create art.

He didn’t want to take on much debt as his income as an artist varied from month to month. That variable income also made qualifying with lenders tricky. Many lenders don’t want to think outside the box and can be (wrongly, we might add!) averse to working with the creative community. We connected Dave to the right lender with the right mortgage product for him. Over time, the equity in the house built up and Dave was then able to use a home equity line of credit (HELOC) to build an art studio on the property that’s actually twice the size of the house!

Dave never thought he’d be able to buy but we helped him find the right people to make it possible. He has built his art career into sustainable, consistent income. Plus, having his studio right onsite makes his transition from home to work seamless (and cheaper than renting separate studio space!).

Community Events

Community is at the heart of everything we do. Our passion for education, collaboration, and having fun gives us the opportunity to share amazing events with you.

Intro Classes

Get inspired at our introductory classes about Co-Buying and Community Housing, or Live/Work Properties. These online classes are an excellent primer for learning the ins and outs of creative property.


Learn from industry experts at these specialized events designed to take a deeper dive into community living, co-ownership or creative properties.


We're passionate about supporting local groups and activists that are making the world a better place. Join us at a partner event to get to know the change-makers we love most.


We like to have fun! It's important for us to bring like-minded people together to meet each other and share ideas. Come hang at our next community potluck or seasonal gathering.

Get on our list for updates on upcoming community events and classes.

Partners & Resources

Through innovative approaches to buying, selling, and investing in real estate, we match creative people with the spaces that help them become the fullest expressions of themselves.

Tim Hodson

Architecture & Craft Construction | SALT Workshop

Tim is an artist first and that ethic is obvious in his workmanship when it comes to building design and construction.

SALT workshop’s mission and philosophy aligns with ours and their commitment to community, humanity, and sustainable design are only some of the reasons why we recommend them to our clients who are undertaking renovations or new construction projects.

Matt Hanson

Lender | Hanson Planning Group

Matt is our go-to guy for residential live/work spaces and co-buying. He’s worked in the mortgage, financial, and real estate planning area since 1994.

We love his determination to help our clients with every step of the process and be in tune with their short and long term financial needs and goals at all times.

Adam Ingersoll

Lender | FirstBank

We turn to Adam for live/work spaces with mixed use zoning (which also includes any properties with five or more units).

We also often work with him on community housing and new construction projects. We appreciate his commitment to developing long term relationships and seeing our clients and their goals fully.

Denver Tool Library


We like to think of Denver Tool Library as the best way to borrow tools from a friend, because they have more tools than any friend would ever have.

Unlimited tool rental is included in the price of membership, which has literally saved us and our clients thousands of dollars. This is Sarah’s favorite closing gift, so work with us and we might just give you your own membership!

Partner Projects

The Co-Own Company develops housing in urban and university neighborhoods throughout Denver. They aim to make home ownership accessible to more people through a new model that combines the benefits of cohousing and cooperative living.

Earned Media

Co-Own Company reimagines homeownership for young adults in Denver.

Feb 3 2021

Cal Huss hosts a panel to discuss co-housing.

July 18 2019