Our teamwork makes your dream work.

We love working with like-minded partners and connect our clients only to resources who share our core values.

We also frequently host and cross-promote community events who are aligned with those values.

Ready to put your pieces together?

Laura Cowperthwaite

LiveWork Denver Founder and Partner

Laura founded LiveWork Denver to help creative people build wealth.

Sarah Wells

LiveWork Denver Partner

Sarah is passionate about empowering people and businesses through ownership.

Adam Gordon

LiveWork Denver Associate

Adam is fascinated by community-driven commercial real estate.

Bri Erger

Broker Associate

Bri knows first-hand how living in community has the potential to ignite creativity,

Financing your dream.

Through innovative approaches to buying, selling, and investing in real estate, we match creative people with the spaces that help them become the fullest expressions of themselves.

Matt Hanson

Lender | Hanson Planning Group

Matt is our go-to guy for residential live/work spaces and co-buying. Matt has been a loan officer for 30 years and was fortunate enough to discover co-buying early
in his career...
He feels co-buying is the revolution of home ownership given the change in home prices in the recent past.
Matt and his team’s focus is to help buyers navigate the process of co-buying from start to finish and to continually follow up after the purchase to make sure his borrowers are in the best possible loan.

Earned Media

Co-Own Company reimagines homeownership for young adults in Denver.

Feb 3 2021

Cal Huss hosts a panel to discuss co-housing.

July 18 2019