Real Estate for the Greater Good.

Does the phrase “real estate” give you an icky feeling? Feeling priced out of the market? Ready for a new option?

Everyone at LiveWork Denver is committed to redefining the pathway to homeownership.

We believe leveling the playing field by finding full-service community housing options is a form of social justice.

We exist to empower people to live in communities
that matter to them.

We envision a world in which:

Trust is the foundation from which we build

Money is not the primary decision maker

Collaboration is a mechanism for personal + financial growth.

People are optimistic and excited about the future.

Our Values:

Meaningful solutions and impact

True connection and transparency

Global awareness

Curiosity and care

Laughing along the way

What we offer:

Through innovative approaches to buying, selling, and investing in real estate, we match creative people with the spaces that help them become the fullest expressions of themselves.


Our trusted agents will ensure you’re supported with every aspect of your real estate journey.


Professionals and partners who get you from how to house


Understanding (and fearlessness) of “complicated” buying and selling scenarios

Unique Approaches

Approaches tailored to each homeowners’ unique lifestyle configuration

Community is at the heart of everything we do.

We love working with and connecting our clients with resources who share our core values, and community events that “get it” too.

Ready to put your pieces together?

Laura Cowperthwaite

LiveWork Denver Founder and Partner

Laura founded LiveWork Denver to help creative people build wealth.

Sarah Wells

LiveWork Denver Partner

Sarah is passionate about empowering people and businesses through ownership.

Adam Gordon

LiveWork Denver Associate

Adam is fascinated by community-driven commercial real estate.

Bri Erger

Broker Associate

Bri knows first-hand how living in community has the potential to ignite creativity,